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You must have heard about the benefits of hot water and lemon juice mixes to lose weight, but is it really a mixture of both to help you lose weight?

A nutritionist in America says that the actual mixture of warm water and lemon has no direct relationship with weight loss. However, if you change your coffee and fruit juice consumption with a mixture of water and lemon, then this can cause a decrease in the number of calories consumed and cause weight loss.

In addition, consuming water, whether hot or cold, mixed with lemon or not; can also help improve the body's metabolism. Sufficient for your daily fluids is important when you are on a healthy diet because keeping your body hydrated can help improve your metabolism.


For people who do not like the taste of white water, then adding lemon juice or fruit juice to the water can help make the water no longer feel tasteless without the need to add calories. A few drops of lemon juice in the water will help you lose weight. This natural cocktail. Does not harm the body. In the short term, consuming lemon-mixed water can also help reduce flatulence, as it acts as a natural (although mild) diuretic. Some things that can make the stomach feel bloated are eating too fast, drinking through a straw, consuming soft drinks, consuming too much salt, and consuming foods containing sugar.


However, make sure you do not consume this lemon-mixed water when you are suffering from stomach problems or suffering from acid reflux. This is because citrus in the lemon can trigger the occurrence of symptoms of heartburn.

Author : Henry Davis

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