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My friend told me a few home ways how his grandmother cured varicose veins. I decided to try because expensive remedies did not help me. I was surprised when I noticed that my legs were gradually got rid of varicose. Now I'm healthy! The main ingredient of these methods is horse chestnut.

To make the tincture, you can use the fruits and flowers of the plant:

Tincture of chestnut: you need to take 50 g of chopped chestnut fruit and pour 500 ml of vodka. The resulting mixture must be infused for about 10 days.

Tincture of horse chestnut for compresses: you need to prepare a concentrated tincture in the ratio of fruits and alcohol 1: 3. It is also possible to prepare a mixture of warm water (1 liter) and chestnut oil from fruit (30 g). With this solution moisten gauze and wrap your feet for an hour. After removing the compress, legs should be wrapped and held warm.

1 dessert spoon of chestnut flowers should be filled with 0.5 liters of boiling water. Infuse the night in a thermos. Use 0.5 glasses in the morning and evening, after eating.

Author : Shane Morales