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A tea mushroom (kombucha) drink, resembles a yellow-brown jellyfish with a dense top and a loose base, from which thin long threads hang. The tea "jellyfish" includes yeast mushrooms and acetic acid bacteria that can turn ordinary tea into a carbonated infusion of a sweet-sour taste, slightly reminiscent of kvass.


I take black, green or herbal tea in the following proportions: 1 liter. water, 2 tsp. welding and 5 tbsp. l. sugar, I insist tea for 15 minutes.

I place the mushroom in a jar, cover it with gauze and leave it in a warm dark place.


After 5-10 days the drink is ready.

Thanks to this I can lose weight.
I drink a natural cocktail twice a day. There is no stress for my body.


Good luck!

Author : Brandon Salazar

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