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My wife and I like seafood. We eat them as often as possible. Until recently, it seemed to me that the fish is the healthiest food that can only be. But as it turned out, this is not so. Most likely I ate it too often. I began to feel the discomfort in my stomach and the deterioration of my vision. The next day the stomach was very sick, but I still did not go to the doctor. The next day I woke up and realized that I did not see anything. My wife panicked and sent me to the doctor.

I checked the whole body with the doctors. It turned out that my blood vessels in my head are narrowed and maybe the loss of vision was due to this. Moreover, it turned out that I have gastritis which is caused by helicella bacteria.

I had to change my life abruptly. I've Started eating properly. Now I cook more vegetables in the oven. I even managed to lose a little more weight. I started running and going to the gym. The first time was difficult, but now I'm used to it. It's scary to remember how I woke up in the morning and realized that I did not see anything.

I have become more often, but in smaller portions. I eat every two hours. I feel myself good.

My wife supports me in this diet. It's nice when a close person shares your interests.

In conclusion, I want to say that a healthy diet has had a good effect on my health. I feel good. I still continue to eat this way.

Author : Kim Lam

Kim is a board-certified Holistic Health Coach, Healthy Living and Cleanse Consultant, and studied under Drs. Andrew Weil and Walter Willet.